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Auto Industrial Color partnered with AkzoNobel to bring you the most advanced coatings in the world.

If you’re looking for a paint that gives excellent coverage to provide invisible repairs, easy to mix, energy efficient at low bake temps to speed up production and with low environmental impact, we’ve got you covered!

The Sikkens product line brings together a top-quality car repair system, efficient for processes and superior product performance.  This combination helps your shop make more money.

Any repair job can be completed with just 13 products, making it one of the lowest inventory required systems in the industry, which equals less inventory and more profit.


  • Sikkens Autowave provides excellent coverage, metallic control and sprayability with low environmental impact. Easy to blend with no halo effect, providing invisible repairs.
  • Autobase Plus – A fast and easy solvent basecoat system with unrivaled color accuracy and hiding power.
  • Finest Clear Choices in the Industry – Sustainable, energy efficient, low-bake clearcoat helps speed up production. Lower energy cost to use with higher productivity in a simple to mix clearcoat system.
  • Specialty coatings for interior and exterior plastics.
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Automotive Coatings:


The best part is the Automatchic Vision.

A state-of-the art LED technology that allows painters to measure the exact car color in a matter of seconds.

Automatchic increases your profitability by being a driver for process optimization, accuracy and speed. It strengthens a sustainable operation by using less paint, reducing waste and saving valuable time.

The first choice for every job in your body shop. Get the color right, first time, every time.

MIXIT the World’s fastest color retrieval tool!

You can access MIXIT on your desktop computer, smart phone or tablet. By using a combination of keyword searches, you will be shown an accurate chip on your screen.

With over 100,000 colors for all vehicles, you can find the right color formula in MIXIT.

More automotive coatings to choose from then you could imagine!

iMatchColor  IN ACTION

Just one more way AIC and AkzoNobel help your business to succeed.

Color matching has always been a headache for the painter. Welcome the iMatch Color app to help make the selection of color and color search as simple as pulling it up on your Smart Phone or Tablet. Make perfectly matched paint a breeze. The service is web based and available free of charge to AkzoNobel customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you don’t have a mobile device, no problem, you can still access AkzoNobel’s formula database on a pc with MIXITCloud.

Download iMatchColor to your Mobile Device today. Get access to AkzoNobel‘s complete formula database at any time or any place!

Available on : iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile Web

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