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Never has a painter returned from training with less skills than when they arrived.

A well-trained painter leads to greater productivity, higher quality workmanship, and less application errors.

Technical training is the best investment you can make in your paint team.

Auto Industrial Color realizes that your profitability starts with

performance-based trained technicians.

Our state-of-the-art training center includes a fully functional down draft spray booth attached to the classroom.

  • The training center allows instructors to provide a unique hands-on learning experience in the spray booth which is equipped to apply either solvent or waterborne paint.
  • Each painter will train by spraying on automotive shells, not just panels, so they learn how AkzoNobel paint systems perform while actually blending and painting body contours.
  • With the proper training, painters improve their productivity because they learn the problem-solving skills they need to complete their work effectively and efficiently in a safe and healthy work environment.

Throughout the year, AIC partners with major suppliers to ensure that your paint technicians and management staff are kept current with the latest product developments and technological innovations. We know what they need to produce exceptional results while keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Ask us about AkzoNobel, SATA, or I-CAR technical training seminars and 3M User Meetings.

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Business Development Program

AkzoNobel first started Acoat Selected in 1975, when it was the first-ever business
development program for body shops.

Today it’s synonymous with excellence and efficiency in the global car refinish business.

Acoat Selected offers consulting services, management training programs, coaching and networking to help develop customers’ businesses. Insurance companies, body-maintenance firms and leasing organizations all recognize the quality of Acoat’s work and Sikkens’ products.

You get real results from the development program.  Less errors and complaints, better grasp of latest technologies, increased sales, and improved use of time & materials in the repair process.

If you want to change your business and learn the latest in technologies, join us now!


Delivering More than Paint…

Inventory Management Systems

Our “Quick Profit Inventory” management system is designed to enable you to reduce costs and deliver a consistently efficient production cycle.

We can help you:

  • Assess your material profitability & performance with an IMPACT financial review
  • Manage insurance company material thresholds to maximize your business’ net profits
  • Find the right refinish system for your shop
  • Create an organizational system for your supplies to better manage product shelf life
  • Train employees in proper use of all products resulting in less inventory waste
  • Ensure product availability and timely delivery
  • Lower inventory dollars and increase your profits
auto industrial color inventory control services
auto industrial color 3m inventory display services


Whether it’s new construction, an addition or an existing location, we can help in
maximizing production areas and equipment placement.

Make Your Shop Layout Work For You

Facility Planning

Auto Industrial Color and AkzoNobel’s Facility Planning Department can
assist you in planning a new facility or expanding or reorganizing your
existing shop. This service effectively addresses production layout and
work flow, production stall allocation, site planning, along with many more
facets of facility design.

An effective layout can maximize profitability and return on investment.

Consulting Engagement

  • Sample shop designs for your review
  • Recommendations for updating existing refinish equipment or purchase
    of new to meet proposed production demands
  • Advice on compliance for all national electrical and building codes
  • Requirements for compressed air, shop lighting, electrical loads and
    natural or propane gas loads
  • A floor plan tailored to your expectations
auto industrial color body shop layout design services